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Good meetings enhance speed, quality and productivity


- Achievements in the meetings 1.5 times better than before the development actions
- Accelerated time-to-market and transformation processes
- Quality of the achievements in the meetings enhanced
- Enhanced achievements create satisfaction and make a positive Quality of Life impact



We want to work with managers and organizations that have the ambition to become the best in their field of business as measured by profitable growth, market share, customer satisfaction and staff motivation. The actual realization of this ambition, in terms of both quality and speed, requires a high output delivery performance. Particularly in those instances when the opportunity presents itself, i.e. during meetings. Our main clients are global operating companies from size 100 MEUR to over 10 BEUR.


We focus on coaching leaders to generate high-quality and productive meetings and on helping organizations to speed up and improve their planning and execution processes, for instance time-to-market processes. We believe our research and expertise, in combination with our proven methodology and interactive learning experience, provide a value offering which is unparalleled elsewhere on the market.


In a company with 2 000 white collars easily more than 1 million hours is spent in the meetings yearly and in a company with 100 000 white collars 40 million hours. This means from 100 MEUR to 2 BEUR investment each year. Our experience of over 20 years tells us that improving the productivity and quality of meetings using our pragmatic methodology generates savings almost immediately, ranging from 30 to 80% and upwards. The effect to top and bottom line comes from enhanced white collar productivity as well as enhanced speed and quality of key planning - execution process. Like time-to-market, renewal and transformation

Achieve your targets in 1 meeting instead of 2

Achieve your targets in 1 meeting instead of 2

Business Brainstorm
Business Brainstorm

Achieve your targets in 1 meeting instead of 2

Businesses We Serve
  • Telecommunication

  • Bio and Forest Industry

  • Mechanical Engineering

  • Food and Fertilizer

  • Retail

  • Government and Public Sector

  • Building Industry and Environment

  • Banking

  • Power Industry (incl. nuclear)

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