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Achieve your targets in 1 meeting instead of 2

About AP-Research Oy

Why choose our services

Our concept, products and services are based on the root cause analyses done in leading global companies. Root cause analyses helps to identify key issues to which the improved actions shall be focused.


We do not think meetings as a separate action but as an action that deliver a big impact to key planning - execution processes like time-to marke, renewal or transformation.


Additonally to positive top and bottom line effect, an increased satisfaction to work and Quality of Life is measured

Our process

Our process is a top-down system intervention. Top management challenge themselves and plan their meetings in a more proper way, e.g. chosen topics with high target setting. At the same time they act as a role model to the whole organization.


The Tap-3 eLearning & Doing webtool makes a company wide change in the meeting planning and how meetings are invited fast and in a cost effective way.

Customer promise

Our customer promise is that you get 30...100 % more out as achievements of the time and money investment that you put to the meetings. In practice this means accelerated planning - execution processes and enhanced quality of the outcomes.


When achievements are increased during 9am and 5 pm, as consequence we have enhanced overall satisfaction as well as a positive effect to work / life balance

Any questions or thoughts?

We are always happy to help out!

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